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... deals with solutions of complicated antopology-realted life questions of the World. Our auxiliary theses are something like the Murphy’s laws but much more profound. The one who wants to think about a career here must be clear about issues such as Why a bread and butter always falls down the floor with the buttered side. It is a little bit like Budhism, that’s right, but what isn’t? Hinduism? ;o)
We cooperated on many events and movies. Among other for instance Big Bang Theory series, American Beauty, No Country for Old Men, Blue Velvet, Hair and so on...
Cooperation with us has many advantages. Our Laderin has even contacts to the previous epoque and is lovely or nice, just good. The previous epoque has been intentionally destroyed with a conjuction of spheres and many vilains who really enjoy it are involved in that. ;o)
Now we need a hand of everybody who is willing to risk their lives or carma in the name of the screwed-up good, such a person is welcome among us! So let's get down to work...

... wishing you a really peaceful life!

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Live & prosper in private!

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